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Seven Critical Qualifying Questions

Written by: Rob Halvorsen

Learning to qualify prospects early in the sales cycle is one of the biggest challenges sales professionals face today. Pursuing non-qualified prospects cost sales professionals and the companies they represent thousands of dollars in commissions and revenues each year.

Training your salespeople to not waste time working unqualified accounts, or building relationships with the wrong people in qualified companies is imperative to the long the term success of our sales team and your company.

By understanding your salespeople's natural fear of qualifying, you can better coach them to ask the seven critical qualifying questions early in the sales cycle. Their productivity will improve, and you will achieve more sales in less time.

Why Don't They Qualify?

There are two reasons why even veteran sales pros lapse into working unqualified accounts. The first is tactical. Salespeople, who typically have a highly political style, don't want to offend a prospect by asking questions about decision making, spending authority, and budgets too early in the sales process. They want to make friends first.

The second and primary reason is psychological. It is part of the typical salesperson's psychological makeup to want to be liked. And most salespeople are very likeable. Unfortunately, it is more comfortable in the short run for the salesperson to build a relationship with the wrong person than to ask questions that may alienate the prospect.

If you have higher education, you don’t have to include the high school you attended on your resume. Most employers assume you graduated from high school. If you just graduated from high school or you do not have higher education, then include the high school you graduated from.

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